Today we’re talking about the “perfect pour”! 

Have you ever waited for the foam in your beer to settle before taking a drink? Or maybe have you ever asked for no foam, or tried the old “tilt and pour” trick to try to get as little foam as possible? What surprises many people is that having a proper amount of foam in your glass is a good thing! I can tell your intrigued, so let us fill you in… 

Foam is formed from many things such as carbon dioxide (or nitrogen in some cases), temperature, alcohol content and the proteins that are in the beer itself. Pouring beer different ways can create different amounts of head, which also gives a beer a different taste and aroma. Also, the thickness of the head can also be dependent on the style of beer, what type of glass it’s poured in, and the cleanliness of your glass. 

Having about an inch of foam in the top of your glass has many benefits. The head of a beer helps seal in the aromas of hops or malts in your beer, which allows you to  fully experience and taste the aromas.  

Have you ever got that full feeling after drinking a beer? This is mostly because the head of beer that wasn’t in your glass is now in your stomach, making you feel full and uncomfortable. That is the carbon dioxide releasing. If it releases in the glass, it has room to evenly break up and distribute. 

So next time you get a perfect pour of beer with a nice, thick head, don’t be afraid to dive right in take a few sniffs! Try to detect the smells and undertones of the hops, malts and other ingredients that beer hasand you might notice you will detect more flavors making you enjoy your favorite Ignite beverage that much more!