About Us

The Story of Ignite

Like most great beer stories, this one begins in friendship. We are local couples with growing families who enjoy spending time together talking about the little things — the jobs, the kids — and the big things, too, like participating in a strong community and making world-class beer with a team of great people by our side.

All missions begin with curiosity and ours does, too.

Ignite was inspired by curiosity. We started off as friends who have shared values rooted in the importance of a strong community. We also share a curiosity for innovative, great tasting craft beers, which led the team to discover the very best beers from Ohio, from breweries throughout the United States and around the world.

We believe in giving back to the community (just read our mission). Our community is the city of Barberton where our families live and where our taproom is part of the growing downtown. We are always looking for ways to help each and every community where our beer is served. We strive to make life a better place for residents and visitors through our partnership with local businesses and regional causes.

Ignite serves as the catalyst for craft beer lovers to rally together and drive positive change in their community – whether it’s a charity run in the morning, service day around town, or tackling that big project to make meaningful change. Consider Ignite your home base for charting your course to do good and celebrating your accomplishments.

We put our values and curiosities together to create a business with a unique approach: Making Beer Make a Difference®. Learn more about Ignite’s mission.

Our Name

Ignite Brewing Company honors their hometown’s rich history as the “Magic City” from the early days when O.C. Barber founded the Diamond Match Company in 1880 and ignited the growth of Barberton. Today, Ignite contributes another spark to the resurgence of downtown Barberton as well as the Northeast Ohio’s booming craft beer industry.

Our Taproom

Ignite Brewing Company’s Barberton Taproom is a 7-barrel brewhouse located at 600 W. Tuscarawas Ave. – just footsteps away from restaurants, theaters, and other downtown Barberton businesses. Choose a high table for two or three, a group table, or seating on our large outdoor patio to enjoy your favorite beverages, food, and entertainment. Our taproom is your home-away-from-home place to hang out with your friends and whole family!

Meet the People Who are Making Beer Make A Difference®

Megan Slater

Megan Slater

Day Job: Advisory Engineer
Recommendation: Enjoy the atmosphere in the Ignite taproom and patio. It’s friendly and laid-back.

More about Megan
My passions are my boys, my family, nutrition/fitness, reading, personal growth, and making Ignite a great place and product to bring together friends, family and communities.

What Megan looks for when visiting breweries.

I enjoy visiting breweries that feel like they are still breweries. I gravitate towards a space that has the feel that it is thoughtful and put together, without trying too hard.

Cool discovery on her beer journey

The one beer that comes to mind is a jalapeno stout in Cincinnati. I would love to create a pepper beer that has a clean pepper flavor with a little heat at the end and isn’t heavy and sweet.

Fun fact about one Ignite beer

I think the use of whole coffee beans in the Coffee Blonde is unique. The taste that comes from the beans is identifiably different than most coffee beers.

What if a customer doesn’t know much about craft beer and wants to explore Ignite beers. What do you recommend?

I’d ask them what other beers they have tried before and why they liked or didn’t like. Knowing if they like the sweetness or dislike the bitterness of hops can help direct what Ignite beers to try. I often suggest our Matchstick Blonde or Ignite Courage, depending on what’s available.

Jason Slater

Jason Slater

Day Job: Software Architect
Fun Fact: I’m also active with my dad in a custom woodworking business.

More about Jason
What’s your passion, lifewise?

For me, it’s all about family, kids and community. I love playing golf and running, too.

What’s your passion, beerwise?

I appreciate the classic, clean tasting beer. IPAs are good, but tend to be overdone in many cases to my taste. I love variety. The single biggest venture into a beer for me from something else I tasted was a Wee Heavy that my dad that I fell in love with.

Sometimes, Ignite beers will include a unique ingredient. Got any favorites?

I love the Michigan tart cherries we’ve used in our Matchstick Blonde Ale.

Ignite provides a welcoming, relaxed, family-friendly environment for your guests to enjoy. Where else have you experienced this in your “beer travels”?

Wadsworth Brewing Company provides a community focused experience and a comfortable and welcoming environment. Fulton Brewing as they made me feel welcome the moment I walk through the door. It had the type of vibe that would bring me back again and again. In Seattle, Fremont Brewing has a great outdoor vibe. Very cool to see kids and dogs all hanging out together.

How would you describe the Ignite taproom as a gathering place?

It’s a place for people to feel comfortable bringing their friends and families…where strangers become acquaintances and acquaintances become friends. Because we offer our space as a hub for community involvement, we think of Ignite as the meeting place for community improvement – through good acts and deeds or simply through knowing your neighbors better.

Stacy Chisnell

Stacy Chisnell

Day Job: Third grade teacher
Passionate About: Family, nature, good food and great beer!

More about Stacy

In addition to awesome beer, what vibe do you want the Ignite tap room to give your customers?

There’s something to like about most of them – but mostly I love the Colorado vibe. (If you’re ever in Boulder, check out Avery Brewing.) Ignite provides that atmosphere where friends and family can chill…where everyone feels welcome to sit and relax with a good beverage.

Okay, what beers do you like while exploring the breweries of the world?

I love stouts. Beers that have surprised me lately are IPAs and Saisons. I’m always looking for the next beer adventure!

Tell us about one of your Ignite favorites.

They are all awesome, of course. I really like our Endless Curiosity coconut & cacao nib stout.

What makes Ignite different?

Like many breweries, we are passionate about creating great original beers. But we also want to make an impact where we live and everywhere Ignite beers are sold by giving back to all these communities.

Michael Chisnell

Michael Chisnell

Day Job: Financial Advisor
Passionate About: I love the outdoors, hiking mountains, learning, and whisk(e)y. And of course beer.

More about Michael

What other businesses did the partners even remotely consider?

We consistently wrestled with answering the question of how can we make the biggest difference in Downtown Barberton with a new business venture, and create a community gathering place. Our journey led us to the idea of starting a brewery with great beer and great community impact.

How has your business travels or observations of other brew pubs influenced the products you create or the design/atmosphere of Ignite?

For me, a lot of the influence is from the Colorado taproom experiences of the late 1990’s and early 2000’s as I was climbing mountains. Since then, I’ve been fortunate to visit at least a hundred more around the country. These visits definitely influenced our taproom design – the ones I enjoyed the most were consistently the ones that are family and community friendly, are welcoming and comfortable, and create that “second home” feel.

Excluding the beer, what do you hope is Ignite’s appeal to the customer?

We want to create a tribe, a place where everyone feels welcome. A place where people can learn more about beer, the process, and the Ignite community. We want to make a meaningful impact with our tribe.

What goes into naming the beers?

If you’re going to get great results – you’re going to use Excel! Great conversations – throwing out ridiculous ideas and, of course voting! With a beer in hand. Naming beers is serious business around here! We are constantly thinking about beer names. Ones that tie back to the “Ignite” idea. Ones that help you experience the beer better. For example, our kolsch is one of our “gateway” beers for folks that are not as familiar with craft beer. It’s named “Ignite Courage” to encourage our guests to branch out and try something new. And sometimes you read a book and come across a phrase like “Flighty Temptress” and high five over it and that becomes a name, too!

Our Team

Melanie Kimble

Melanie Kimble

Director, Sales & Distribution

Dean Harvey

Dean Harvey

Sales Associate

Rachelle Halchak

Rachelle Halchak

Taproom General Manager
Joey Wood

Joey Wood

Taproom Experience Manager – Brunswick

Liz Blystone

Liz Blystone

Strategy & Marketing
Jordan Warrick

Jordan Warrick

Assistant Manager – Marketing & Sales
Nick Law

Nick Law