Our Beer

What we learn and love about the beers we taste in our travels comes together in our original beer recipes created in our onsite, 7-barrel brewhouse.

Ask us how we came up with the name and what influenced the recipe. There’s a story behind every beer at Ignite.

What’s next?


Bright Side Stout – White Stout
“Look at everything as though you are seeing it either for the first or last time, then your time on Earth will be filled with glory.” – Betty Smith
Bask in the splendor that is a stout gleaming with the brightness of light! Sip on the sweet flavors of Vanilla, Cacao, and Coffee. Stay on the bright side of life. 7.2% ABV & 20 IBU’s.

What’s now?

Here’s what’s currently on tap:

Ignite Brewing Company Blonde Ale