Have you heard the news? Ignite now has a very limited quantity of fresh whole bean coffee from our friends La Terza!  They are our coffee partners that provide that “secret” ingredient that makes our Blonde Barista so amazing. The coffee used in Blonde Barista is whole bean coffee sourced from Guatemala and has tasting notes of caramel, honey, and lemonWe now have a very limited supply of this fresh roasted whole bean coffee in our taproom for $15 for a 12oz bag 

Here’s a bit more about our friends at La Terza. La Terza is an artisan coffee roaster located in Cincinnati. Their name La Terza is Italian for “the third”. This is to honor the three main coffee growing regions of the worldincluding Central and South America, Africa, and Indonesia. They work directly with sustainable coffee farmers around the globe to source freshethically-grown green coffee. Each type of bean is roasted differently to highlight unique flavor profiles and notes based on the region and climate in which it was.  They have a Master Roaster that evaluates each bean and decides on a specific roasting recipe, which includes how long the beans are roasted and at what temperature to create the optimal flavor profile. 

So next time you’re at Ignite, take home a bag of La Terza fresh whole bean coffee goodness – our Blonde Barista “secret” ingredient! – to brew and enjoy at the comfort of your home. Quantities are VERY limited, so get yours soon!