Who’s ready for another Ignite Theme Night? We are SO excited to bring you a night of fun with our 1920s Murder Mystery Theme Night! 

Murder in the Taproom
To the detectives & all willing to help, 

I’m writing this to you in hopes you see this before it’s too late. Trouble is brewing at Ignite. Please send all law enforcement & undercover agents to our gathering on 600 W Tuscarawas Ave. My very best friend Rachelle Halchak has been MURDERED & the killer is still on the loose. I fear that they are still looking for blood & will be back in the taproom to kill again at our party on the 15th of April!

 I beg of you to please help us take a walk down Memory Lane to see if we can identify the killer. As of now, they are nothing but an Ignite Shadow, lurking through this Mountain High Haze of Curiosity. I don’t know why anyone would want to kill my best friend. She is loved by so many. So, I urge you, Don’t Stand So Gose to anybody you don’t know. Anyone could be the killer!!

The person responsible for Rachelle’s murder left a single note next to her body. It was stuffed inside of her lunchbox that she carried every day.  This is all we have as evidence at the crime scene.

“The Lunchbox Love Note”
– I’m the Shadow On The Cloud so keep your feet on the ground, the more you keep searching, the less I’ll be found.
 Signed, Ghost Runner” 

Please, all unite at Ignite to help solve the murder of Rachelle & stop this crazed Killer!!
– Ashley Browning  

While you’re working on solving this mystery, our friends from Avo-rrito will be open and serving dinner! Show them some love and grab a bite to eat! We can’t wait to see you there – the mystery solving starts at 6 PM!