At Ignite, we are so lucky to have the most fantastic team of people in the taproom!! But did you know that ALL of them have multiple degrees, full time jobs, and are with us at Ignite just because they love being at Ignite!? Pretty much the coolest!! We’d love the opportunity for you to get to know them better, so we’re starting “Meet the Taproom Team” series so you can learn more about your favorite taproom folks!

Our first Taproom Team features….Rachelle & Tyler!


Meet Rachelle!

When Rachelle’s not in the taproom, you can find her enjoying time with her kids and husband or doing something crafty! Her favorite Ignite beer is Ignite the Lights because it’s “deliciously perfect.”

When asked what she loves most about Ignite, Rachelle says she loves the “at home,” inviting feeling you get as soon as you walk in the door. “We are in a community where people care about making a difference. The owners and staff are some of the best humans you’ll ever meet.” We think you’re great too, Rachelle!!



Meet Tyler!

A high school mathematics teacher in addition to working at Ignite, Tyler is not too familiar with free time, but when he does get it, he loves to spend time with family and run! Catch Tyler enjoying music of all sorts, but his favorite is heavy metal.

Tyler’s beer of choice is Ignite Your Adventure, which he says is an “infinitely crushable and delicious American IPA.” What does he love most about being part of the Ignite family? “Family is a good word to describe it, we have such a kind and caring staff. Ultimately, I enjoy my time at Ignite because I enjoy meeting new people,” says Tyler. Make sure to say Hi to Tyler when you’re at Ignite!