When you support local, you are building a stronger community. At Ignite, it is our mission to make a positive impact on the communities we serve. We love working with different local businesses to make this happen. For the month of February, our Making Beer Make a Difference feature is Rivalry Brews. 

Rivalry Brews, located in Medina, provides beer shipping to 41 states across the USA. This concept was born when the founders, Adam and Jon, asked the question, “why are folks stuck with the same 10 craft beer selections from their local grocery stores, weekend after weekend?”. With thousands of beer choices and the rise of internet shopping, they wanted to provide an array of Ohio craft beers to craft beer lovers near and far. Whether you live locally in Ohio or across the country, Rivalry Brews is bringing you the best of Ohio craft beer right to your doorstep, while donating a portion of proceeds to clean up the Great Lakes.  

Check out Rivalry Brews, here: Beer Delivery: Ohio Craft Beers – RivalryBrews.com – Rivalry Brews 

Ship Ignite beer to your friends and family through Rivalry Brews, here: Ignite Brewing Co. – Rivalry Brews