This month, our local partner spotlight is County Line Family Farm. County Line Family Farm is located in Wadsworth, OH. The mission of County Line Family Farm is to provide local consumers with a healthy, farm fresh, organically grown supply of seasonal vegetables, herbs and eggs from their pasture raised hens. They have a passion to farm in an environment that is conducive to the health and restoration of the land, animals, and community while providing our families with a sustainable and restorative lifestyle. We are happy to partner with this awesome organization and provide them with our spent grains each month. They utilize our grains as the main component in making the compost for their gardens. As a certified organic farm, they choose to recycle community resources instead of using chemical fertilizers – this increases the viability and productivity of their soil.

The County Line Family Farm annual plant sale will begin May 16th and will feature a variety of vegetables, culinary and medicinal herbs. All plants are certified organic and NON-GMO. For more information about the County Line Family Farm, visit their Facebook page here: County Line Family Farm | Facebook