With a lot of craft beer currently being available with carry out, curb-side pick-up, or delivery, it’s important to know the different packaging options you have and  how to take care of your favorite brew once you get it home. Some of you ask – what even is a Growler/Crowler, and how do I best care for it at home?  

How long do Crowlers stay fresh?

 crowler is usually a 32oz or 16 oz aluminum can that is used to package your favorite craft beer to safely transport to your home (Ignite specifically uses 16 oz crowlers). The crowler is filled and tightly sealed by your favorite team members by using a sealing machine right in the tap room. The seal helps block air and light from getting inside, allowing your beer to remain fresh and not get flat too quickly easily. Crowlers maintain their freshness best by being stored upright in a refrigerator once you get it home. Fun Fact: A unopened crowler can remain fresh for 2-3 weeks depending on the type of beer! 

How long do Growlers stay fresh?

Now, onto growlersA growler is typically 64 oz (or 4 pints worth of delicious craft beer goodness) and comes in a variety of different styles and materialsA growler is often made of a darker glass, but it can also be plastic, stainless steel, or ceramic. A darker material helps keep the light out, which helps to maintain the freshness of the beer. Once a growler is sealed, it can be good for about 1 week if unopened and kept in the refrigerator sitting upright. Once you open your growler, you have about 24  36 hours to enjoy it before it loses carbonation. 


Bottom line… you really can’t go wrong with either option! Both crowlers and growlers each have their own benefits – but one shared benefit is that both will help you enjoy your favorite Ignite beer at home!  


Whether you have one favorite brew or you like a variety, Ignite has you covered with all your craft beer needs in different packaging options…all To-Go